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7 Creative Ways to Easily Promote Your Business

Every business depends on sales, whether if it sells a product or service. This means that getting more clients, as well as retaining them will always be in the concern of a entrepreneur. With that in mind, we created a list with 7 ways to promote your business. This way, you can evaluate which one best fits you and your business plan. No matter what, stick around for the last suggestion, it may be what you need to take your business to the next step!

7 Easy Ways to Promote Your Business

E-mail marketing

Even though e-mail marketing has been around for some time, it hasn’t become less effective. On the contrary, people like to stay informed and, to do that, they constantly check their e-mails. In addition to that, e-mail marketing tools allow you to segment lists and send out personalized e-mails, targeted perfectly for each type of public. Besides being flexible, easy and practical, it’s return is worth while. We suggest, when sending e-mails, you go straight to the point, focusing on the benefits and value of your product or service, instead of extending too much about features. Oh, and take some time writing a great headline, this is what will make people open your e-mails.

Create a blog

Organic Web Traffic is a great way to put your business in evidence. With the right SEO (search engine optimization) it is possible to boost your chances to rank high on the internet searches. Off course, the usefulness of your website will dictate if organic traffic will be a success for your business or not. This means that your content needs to be valuable, by answering questions and bringing solution to problems. The more people click into your website, better it will rank.

Something that is worth taking into consideration is that even though organic traffic is technically free, it takes time and effort to get results.

Invest in Your Businesses Social Media

Most of the people nowadays search for a business online before hiring a service or buying a product. For many hours a day, social media is where a big part of the population’s attention is. And, the thing is, you need to be there too. Invest in professional quality pictures and videos to better the presentation of your business, have all important information clear and organized and be active on your profile. This way, you won’t leave money on the table by not responding someone.

Attend local networking events

This is a great way to increase your presence in the community. Even in a increasingly digital world, hosting, sponsoring or attending events in your community is also a great way to promote your business. Besides just being seen, you’ll simultaneously strengthen the connection with local customers.

Have a Special Introductory Offer

A no brainer product is a great way to attract new costumers. And this strategy works so well because it is way easier to sell for someone that is already a client. This can be done through discounted pricing, vouchers and coupons, free gifts, buy one get one free deal and more.

Form partnerships

Forming partnerships with non-competitive businesses with the same clientele is a great way to promote a business in the local network. This trade will benefit both businesses as it result in mutual growth. Joint ventures are strategically positive because it promotes your business to a qualified audience. This means you are not only being seen, you are being seen by people who are more likely to buy from you!

Promote Your Business on Inflow

Of all the options in this list, this is the one you probably never head about. Inflow is a suggestions platform, where you can promote your business and be found by clients who need exactly the solution that you have to offer. Signing up only takes a few minutes and, after that, new clients will get to you organically!

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Discover 4 great ways to enjoy the Internacional Women’s Day

What should I do in International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day is a global holiday celebrated on March 8. In many countries, it is a public holiday that promotes and celebrates the achievements women. Although you may understand the importance of the holiday, some ideas may be missing on how to celebrate the date. With that in mind, we brought 4 simple ways to celebrate International Women’s Day (even if you are not a woman).

Our 4 Suggestions on How to Enjoy Internacional Women’s Day

Ask coworkers to wear purple

Purple is the official Women’s Day color. So having everyone show support by wearing something purple will be fun! Besides that, other people that interact with you and your office companions will remember the date, not letting it go by unnoticed. This activity will also help set the tone for the day, not to say it’s easy and effective.

Support women-owned businesses

Other special way to enjoy Internacional Women’s Day is to support businesses that are owned and operated by women. Women own more than 30% of franchises and small businesses on the United States. This means you probably know a local business that is run by a woman or where some great women you know work. So make sure to go by on March 8 and stimulate some friends to do the same as you!

Acknowledge the great women in your life

Don’t go by this holiday without sending a text, calling or facetiming an important woman in your life! Remember you should tell your mother, grandmother, sister, wife, girlfriend or friend how awesome and important they are for you. This simples act won’t take a lot of your time and it sure will make their day better.

Plan a princess day for you or present it to a woman in your life

A simple and obvious way to have a great Women’s Day is simply by presenting yourself with a princess day or providing the perfect day for a woman in your life that is important to you. Because of that, we suggest you take a look at some spa, shops and beauty salons that can turn out to be pretty convenient.

We recommend you review this 4 suggestions and make sure you put in practice at least one at the day. Also, check out some of Inflow’s professionals that can help you celebrate this holiday. We hope you have a great International Women’s Day!

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Check out 4 reasons you should clean your gutters now!

The best time of the year for you to clean you gutters

Gutter cleaning is an important part of your home maintenance. As a matter of fact, regular inspections and gutter repairs will keep your home weather tight and prevent possible damage. Because of that , gutters should be checked at least once or twice a year, especially in Spring and Fall. Since spring is coming soon, we decided to bring upon some tips to help with home maintenance at this time of the year. Keep reading and check out the 4 greatest benefits of cleaning your gutters.

Here are the 4 greatest benefits of cleaning your gutters:

Prevent water damage:

Clogged gutters can accumulate water and overflow, damaging your home. This is because the excess of dirt won’t leave way for the water to come through the way it should. The good news is, with the right techniques, you can prevent the damage before it happens and save on major repair costs.

Extend roof’s lifetime:

Clogged downspouts can add excessive weight to your roof, putting it under pressure. Your gutters can only deal with a certain amount of weight, and leaving them uncleaned can lead up to an accident. That is, there is a true risk this overload will eventually wear down the roof and cause premature damage to your home. By checking out and cleaning your gutters with some frequency, possible damages can be prevented.

Improve the appearance of your home:

Gutter cleaning goes beyond functional benefits. That is because regular cleanings remove all the excess dirt, giving back your home’s good looks. Even the most beautiful home won’t be presentable if it’s gutters have excess dirt. Because of that, apart from every other benefit, you should get your gutters cleaned for your house to look better. Although it may not be your biggest reason, it sure feels good to know your home looks good and healthy.

Increase safety:

In addition to the safety from preventing water damage and extending the roof’s lifetime, gutter cleaning can also avoid mold growth. You may not pay attention to this, but the dirt in your gutters can lead to mold growth, that can cause allergies and other problems to people in the house . This means getting the downspouts cleaned will protect everyone in the household by removing the mold spores.

If you understood the benefits of gutter cleaning, don’t waste time! Take a look at some professionals that can help you with this activity at Inflow!

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This Is The Best Guide On How To Get Great Reviews

How important are client reviews for your business?

Between a 2-star and a 4-star professional, which one would you choose?

Customer reviews are great to gain more credibility in your business. Because of that, we want to help Inflow associates obtain great results on satisfaction surveys. After all, who better than the client to share about their experience on your service or product?

What makes a good review is being the solution to a problem. Providing great service will awaken a sense of gratitude in the client. Even so, many business owners ignore this powerful feature that can boost your sales and close more contracts. If you want to know the best strategy to get more reviews, take a look at our advices on how to be successful while asking your clients for ratings.

Don’t take too long to request a review

Don’t wait too much to ask the client for a rating, otherwise, your chances of receiving an answer from them will decrease drastically. We recommend sending a rating request while the client’s experience is still fresh in their memory. That is because, if you offered a great service, the sense of gratitude will still be strong in the client. Take advantage of that and don’t wait more than three days to ask for the review.

Have a script

A standard message will make it easier to request ratings.
See an example: 

“Hi, (name of the client), thank you for hiring our services! Would you be willing to access [link to review at Inflow] and rate your experience? It will take less then a minute and your feedback is truly important for us! We will be forever grateful, thanks for helping us out”!

Don’t forget this when you elaborate your script:

Go straight to the point.

That is, be short and direct, compact all the important information and leave out what’s unnecessary.


You should include the reason why the client should rate your services. For example, let them know how important their review is for your business.

Show them the simplicity of the task.

Everyone knows how lazy people tend to be, so be sure to communicate that it is a quick and easy task.

Have a clear CTA (Call to Action)

Here, you will objectively direct the client to the review link.

We have a challenge for you!

Send a rating request to your most recent client and start boosting your reputation today!

Now you can keep upgrading your Inflow profile and boost your business’s credibility! Remember, potencial clients will choose your business if they consider it the best option to solve their problem. Our goal is to connect people to solutions, if you sell a solution, Inflow is the platform you need!

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Make sure you have a great Valentine’s Day

We brought a checklist to make sure you don’t get any negative surprises on the 14th. If you are having a hard time planning, take a look at some of our clues.

Plan the activity early on

At first, you need to decide where, when and what the activity will be. That is because the atmosphere of the place influences on the date. For this reason, you should spend some time planning each detail. Here are some options you have: doing a picnic, going to the movies, having a romantic dinner at home or eating out. Either way, it is very important you plan beforehand so things don’t go wrong on the day.

If you choose a romantic dinner at home, search for the perfect recipe and get all the ingredients you need. Remember to clean up the place and use your creativity to make it as romantic as you can!

If you are choosing a restaurant to go, pick a place with a pleasant atmosphere. Avoid noisy places and make sure the food is great.

For a picnic, pay attention to the location. During the day, pick a shady spot with a great view. Besides that, stay alert to the security of the place , especially at night. To top it off: make a list so you don’t forget anything!

Make a playlist

Prepare a playlist with the couple’s favorite songs. If you are low on ideas, search for playlists on some music app or Youtube. In fact, here are some genres that we suggest: Jazz, Blues, Soul and Classical.

Take care of yourself

It is important that you feel good on February 14. Because of that, we suggest you use the day before to get ready. Everyone should go by the beauty salon or the barber in order to show up in their best versions to the date. Some examples of what to do to get ready for Valentine’s, if you like doing so: eyebrows, eyelashes, body waxing and nails.

Pay some attention to the clothes you’ll wear on the day

No old or smelly shirts. Separate that outfit that makes you feel good when you wear it or go out and buy something new. Don’t forget the clothes needs to fit the occasion and that comfort matters! Also remember that it doesn’t hurt to invest in quality underwear, your date will thank you!

Don’t show up empty handed

Since everyone enjoy receiving gifts, this is one of the most valuable tips. It’s a good call to start the date by gifting your partner’s favourite type of flower, chocolates or any other small meaningful gift. Think about what your date likes and use your creativity to come up with something nice.

We hope we’ve helped, but we’re not done yet. Check out some of Inflow’s professionals who can also help you out on Valentine’s Day.

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How to save more money while renting a car?

Top 10 car rental mistakes

Is it worth it renting a car while travelling?

It can be mandatory renting a car depending on where you are going. The freedom a rental car can give you is well known, but some wrong choices can end up costing a lot. Because of that, if you are planning to rent a car on your next vacation, some advices should be followed. Keep reading and make sure you are not making some of these mistakes that take away money from your pocket.

1- Not paying attention to the mileage protocol

There are two alternatives while renting a car: limited and unlimited car mileage.  In general, limited car mileage turns out to be cheaper, but exceeding the limit set in contract will result in extra fees. Therefore, you should have an idea of how much you are running with the car.

2- Not avoiding airport surcharges

Airports charge for the convenience of picking up your car right after your flight arrive and dropping it off right before the departure. As a result, it is usually worth it to wait and make a better deal outside the airport.

3- Returning the car with an empty tank

Rentals offer two choices: Dropping off with the car with a full or an empty tank. In general, it is better to pick up the car with the full tank and giving it back the same way. See if there are gas stations around and take note to use them on the return. Remember, dropping off the car with an empty tank will probably make you pay a lot more.

4- Not renting online beforehand

Besides paying a higher value, it is possible you have to face a long line at the airport rentals right after arriving. For those reasons, it is smarted to rent the car online. Our recommendation is to rent a car with at least a 24 hour anticipation.

5- Picking up and dropping off at different locations

Dropping off the car in a different location from where you picked it up will increase the price.

6- Not paying tolls yourself

In order to prevent more costs, remember to close the transponder included in the car. Then, pay the tolls online or directly at the booths.

7- Not paying attention to the car’s condition

Most of the car rentals verify the car’s condition in the presence of the client. Even so, remember that they wil charge you for any scratch, dent or general damage to the car that wasn’t logged. Therefore, make sure to note every defect in the vehicle.

8- Having someone younger than 25 signing the contract

A U$27 to U$35 fee can be charged if the person in contract is younger than 25. Because of that, choose someone older to be the driver.

9- Not sticking to one driver

Reduce the number of drivers to the max, since the rentals charge extra for each person to drive the car.

Need to rent a car for vacation? Now that you are ready go ahead and take a look some of Inflow’s suggestions. We will help to find the rental that best fits you!

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Learn Now About The Best Business Communication Tool

Boost results with a Virtual Phone System.

As technology evolve constantly, labour market does the same. Certainly someone you know ended up shifting to home office. This type of transition showed difficulties that were not on display before. Because of that, new solutions became crucial and VolPs are an example.

How does a virtual phone system work?

A Virtual Phone System will turn any device you have into a tool that manages business calls and texts. It will provide a unique phone number that will be reliable and secure. Apart from tradicional phone systems, that only work from a specific places, a virtual system works from anyware, as long as you have internet connection.

Benefits of a Virtual Phone System in your business:

1. Easy setup

All that is needed is a reliable internet network in order for a Virtual Phone System to provide all it’s benefits. There is no wasting time. As soon as installed, it is ready to go. Updates and changes you may need are fast and easy to run. This means you will have less waiting and less time being wasted!

2. Lower costs

Price is not everything, but it sure matters a lot. VolPs are not expensive, as internet is all they need to work well. Because of that, hiring this type of tool is great for finance, as it will bring results at a low cost.

3. You may have as many phone numbers as you need

Depending on the needs of your business, you may choose the plan that best suits you. This means you can ask for as many phone numbers as you need.

4. Flexible devices:

The system provides a common phone line for the home office workers and the regular ones. Being so, it can be used at the same time from different devices.

5. Analytic data control

It is easy keeping track of all the phone interactions when everything goes to the cloud. By the way, all registers are saved and fast to access. Therefore, it wont take effort for you to control analytic data and supervise the phone calls.

After all, what is the best Virtual Phone System?

If you want to hire a Virtual Phone System to help with your business, MightyCall may be the best option. In fact, it brings you a bunch of features at an intuitive interface that will improve communication on your business. What might surprise you is that they offer all that at lower a cost then that of most VolP providers! As one of the most reliable phone systems in the market, MightyCall’s system has an uptime of ~99.99%, continuous backups and encryption for all sensitive data. So don’t waste time and improve teamwork in your business, as well as the customer service you provide.

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