How to save more money while renting a car?

Top 10 car rental mistakes

Is it worth it renting a car while travelling?

It can be mandatory renting a car depending on where you are going. The freedom a rental car can give you is well known, but some wrong choices can end up costing a lot. Because of that, if you are planning to rent a car on your next vacation, some advices should be followed. Keep reading and make sure you are not making some of these mistakes that take away money from your pocket.

1- Not paying attention to the mileage protocol

There are two alternatives while renting a car: limited and unlimited car mileage.  In general, limited car mileage turns out to be cheaper, but exceeding the limit set in contract will result in extra fees. Therefore, you should have an idea of how much you are running with the car.

2- Not avoiding airport surcharges

Airports charge for the convenience of picking up your car right after your flight arrive and dropping it off right before the departure. As a result, it is usually worth it to wait and make a better deal outside the airport.

3- Returning the car with an empty tank

Rentals offer two choices: Dropping off with the car with a full or an empty tank. In general, it is better to pick up the car with the full tank and giving it back the same way. See if there are gas stations around and take note to use them on the return. Remember, dropping off the car with an empty tank will probably make you pay a lot more.

4- Not renting online beforehand

Besides paying a higher value, it is possible you have to face a long line at the airport rentals right after arriving. For those reasons, it is smarted to rent the car online. Our recommendation is to rent a car with at least a 24 hour anticipation.

5- Picking up and dropping off at different locations

Dropping off the car in a different location from where you picked it up will increase the price.

6- Not paying tolls yourself

In order to prevent more costs, remember to close the transponder included in the car. Then, pay the tolls online or directly at the booths.

7- Not paying attention to the car’s condition

Most of the car rentals verify the car’s condition in the presence of the client. Even so, remember that they wil charge you for any scratch, dent or general damage to the car that wasn’t logged. Therefore, make sure to note every defect in the vehicle.

8- Having someone younger than 25 signing the contract

A U$27 to U$35 fee can be charged if the person in contract is younger than 25. Because of that, choose someone older to be the driver.

9- Not sticking to one driver

Reduce the number of drivers to the max, since the rentals charge extra for each person to drive the car.

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