Make sure you have a great Valentine’s Day

We brought a checklist to make sure you don’t get any negative surprises on the 14th. If you are having a hard time planning, take a look at some of our clues.

Plan the activity early on

At first, you need to decide where, when and what the activity will be. That is because the atmosphere of the place influences on the date. For this reason, you should spend some time planning each detail. Here are some options you have: doing a picnic, going to the movies, having a romantic dinner at home or eating out. Either way, it is very important you plan beforehand so things don’t go wrong on the day.

If you choose a romantic dinner at home, search for the perfect recipe and get all the ingredients you need. Remember to clean up the place and use your creativity to make it as romantic as you can!

If you are choosing a restaurant to go, pick a place with a pleasant atmosphere. Avoid noisy places and make sure the food is great.

For a picnic, pay attention to the location. During the day, pick a shady spot with a great view. Besides that, stay alert to the security of the place , especially at night. To top it off: make a list so you don’t forget anything!

Make a playlist

Prepare a playlist with the couple’s favorite songs. If you are low on ideas, search for playlists on some music app or Youtube. In fact, here are some genres that we suggest: Jazz, Blues, Soul and Classical.

Take care of yourself

It is important that you feel good on February 14. Because of that, we suggest you use the day before to get ready. Everyone should go by the beauty salon or the barber in order to show up in their best versions to the date. Some examples of what to do to get ready for Valentine’s, if you like doing so: eyebrows, eyelashes, body waxing and nails.

Pay some attention to the clothes you’ll wear on the day

No old or smelly shirts. Separate that outfit that makes you feel good when you wear it or go out and buy something new. Don’t forget the clothes needs to fit the occasion and that comfort matters! Also remember that it doesn’t hurt to invest in quality underwear, your date will thank you!

Don’t show up empty handed

Since everyone enjoy receiving gifts, this is one of the most valuable tips. It’s a good call to start the date by gifting your partner’s favourite type of flower, chocolates or any other small meaningful gift. Think about what your date likes and use your creativity to come up with something nice.

We hope we’ve helped, but we’re not done yet. Check out some of Inflow’s professionals who can also help you out on Valentine’s Day.

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