This Is The Best Guide On How To Get Great Reviews

How important are client reviews for your business?

Between a 2-star and a 4-star professional, which one would you choose?

Customer reviews are great to gain more credibility in your business. Because of that, we want to help Inflow associates obtain great results on satisfaction surveys. After all, who better than the client to share about their experience on your service or product?

What makes a good review is being the solution to a problem. Providing great service will awaken a sense of gratitude in the client. Even so, many business owners ignore this powerful feature that can boost your sales and close more contracts. If you want to know the best strategy to get more reviews, take a look at our advices on how to be successful while asking your clients for ratings.

Don’t take too long to request a review

Don’t wait too much to ask the client for a rating, otherwise, your chances of receiving an answer from them will decrease drastically. We recommend sending a rating request while the client’s experience is still fresh in their memory. That is because, if you offered a great service, the sense of gratitude will still be strong in the client. Take advantage of that and don’t wait more than three days to ask for the review.

Have a script

A standard message will make it easier to request ratings.
See an example: 

“Hi, (name of the client), thank you for hiring our services! Would you be willing to access [link to review at Inflow] and rate your experience? It will take less then a minute and your feedback is truly important for us! We will be forever grateful, thanks for helping us out”!

Don’t forget this when you elaborate your script:

Go straight to the point.

That is, be short and direct, compact all the important information and leave out what’s unnecessary.


You should include the reason why the client should rate your services. For example, let them know how important their review is for your business.

Show them the simplicity of the task.

Everyone knows how lazy people tend to be, so be sure to communicate that it is a quick and easy task.

Have a clear CTA (Call to Action)

Here, you will objectively direct the client to the review link.

We have a challenge for you!

Send a rating request to your most recent client and start boosting your reputation today!

Now you can keep upgrading your Inflow profile and boost your business’s credibility! Remember, potencial clients will choose your business if they consider it the best option to solve their problem. Our goal is to connect people to solutions, if you sell a solution, Inflow is the platform you need!

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