Discover 4 great ways to enjoy the Internacional Women’s Day

What should I do in International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day is a global holiday celebrated on March 8. In many countries, it is a public holiday that promotes and celebrates the achievements women. Although you may understand the importance of the holiday, some ideas may be missing on how to celebrate the date. With that in mind, we brought 4 simple ways to celebrate International Women’s Day (even if you are not a woman).

Our 4 Suggestions on How to Enjoy Internacional Women’s Day

Ask coworkers to wear purple

Purple is the official Women’s Day color. So having everyone show support by wearing something purple will be fun! Besides that, other people that interact with you and your office companions will remember the date, not letting it go by unnoticed. This activity will also help set the tone for the day, not to say it’s easy and effective.

Support women-owned businesses

Other special way to enjoy Internacional Women’s Day is to support businesses that are owned and operated by women. Women own more than 30% of franchises and small businesses on the United States. This means you probably know a local business that is run by a woman or where some great women you know work. So make sure to go by on March 8 and stimulate some friends to do the same as you!

Acknowledge the great women in your life

Don’t go by this holiday without sending a text, calling or facetiming an important woman in your life! Remember you should tell your mother, grandmother, sister, wife, girlfriend or friend how awesome and important they are for you. This simples act won’t take a lot of your time and it sure will make their day better.

Plan a princess day for you or present it to a woman in your life

A simple and obvious way to have a great Women’s Day is simply by presenting yourself with a princess day or providing the perfect day for a woman in your life that is important to you. Because of that, we suggest you take a look at some spa, shops and beauty salons that can turn out to be pretty convenient.

We recommend you review this 4 suggestions and make sure you put in practice at least one at the day. Also, check out some of Inflow’s professionals that can help you celebrate this holiday. We hope you have a great International Women’s Day!

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